Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 Rock | S3E4 | November 20, 2008

Series: 30 Rock
Season: 3
Episode: [4] Gavin Volure
Original Air Date: 11/20/08 (TV); 11/22/08 (Online)

Liz: "Is this potpourri or chips? Cause I'm gonna try to eat it..."

Gavin: "Ok, I'll send a helicopter. To take you to the train station."

Jack: "Lemon, you're going to work this thing like a Chinese gymnast: Wear something tight, force a smile, and lie about your age."

Gavin: "One of these benches is a priceless work of art, and the other is an ordinary bench from which to admire it."

Gavin: "Aww damnit! I have got a serious case of the Mondays."

Gavin: "I miscounted the men, Liz!!! I miscounted the men!"

Liz: "Tracy, get out of the hallway."
Tracy: "Or am I?"
Liz: "Oh god, THIS dream again?"

Tracy: "Stop patriciding! It's me! There's nothing to be freaked out about! That's just a Japanese sex doll in daddy's bed!"

Jack: "Laundry, Kenneth? I know we pay you a living wage - I fought against it."

Kenneth: "I did some street performing in my neighborhood this weekend."

Pete: "Kenneth - I need someone to be our Floor Emergency Marshall."
Kenneth: "And you came to me first? Thank you, sir!"

Set Worker: "We need the Floor Emergency Marshall!"

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