Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tina Fey on TIME'S 2009 Most Influential People

I guess I will formally say that my weekly coverage of new 30 Rock episodes ends (it actually ended 3 months ago). Reasons being because:

1) Pregnant Cornbread does a much better job.
2) It's kind of a pain.
3) The new NBC application is stupid now.
4) I think I might get in trouble if I keep doing it.

Anyways, I'm making a comeback by posting an article written by Alec Baldwin, on Tina Fey. She's made TIME's 2009 list of Most Influential People. Not sure how they can put out the list for 2009, but it doesn't matter because they made the right call here!

Tina Fey by Alec Baldwin

Friday, January 23, 2009

30 Rock | S3E9 | January 22, 2009

Series: 30 Rock
Season: 3
Episode: [9] Retreat to Move Forward
Original Air Date: 01/22/09 (TV); 01/23/09 (Online)

Jack: Lemon, which of these pictures do you like better?

Tracy: So how am I looking, Dr. Spaceman? Dr. Spaceman: Well Tracy, I don’t know how to say this. Di-A-Buh-tees?

Liz: Oh stop sweating, you idiot! What is wrong with you, you STUPID BITCH?!

Kenneth: You need to eat better.
Tracy: N - O - E. No! E!

Liz: Sorry, I dropped it when I was pretending it was my penis. [Robot voice]Ro-bot pe-nis!

Frank: Ok fine, whatever. But you’ll be cool about this?
Jenna: You...the should be!

Liz: First of all, there’s an omelet bar downstairs, so you should probably go get yourself an omelet.

Jack: Like a waitress!

Kenneth: EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! Geegeege~gyuu!

Jack: A lot of people from the conference emailed me to ask if I was there when the bra-lady went crazy.

30 Rock | S3E8 | January 15, 2009

Series: 30 Rock
Season: 3
Episode: [8] Flu Shot
Original Air Date: 01/15/09 (TV); 01/16/09 (Online)

Liz: I even bought a new swimsuit.
Cerie: What is that?
Liz: It’s called a tank-quart, Cerie. You may have seen it in US Weekly. Being worn by Dame Judy Dench – ‘s mother.

Kenneth: Don’t worry, Ms. Lemon. I never get sick. I have the constitution of an ox.

Jack: I’m sorry, what do you call yourself?
Elisa: A Puerto Rican.
Jack: No, I know you can say that, but what do I call you?
Elisa: A Puerto Rican.
Jack: Wow. That does not sound right.

Jack: You know, she’s second generation Puerto Rican.
Liz: Jack, you can’t call her that!

Dr. Spaceman: When is modern science gonna find a cure for a woman’s mouth?

Kenneth: It would be an honor to die at my post and be given the traditional burial of a Parcell man; wrapped in a Confederate flag, fried, and fed to dogs.

Liz: Hey, Cerie. What is this text that you sent me supposed to mean?
Cerie: Your vacation is back on.
Liz: How is this any easier th—
Cerie: I’m so happy the number 4, the letter U.

Dr. Spaceman: If you want a shot, you’re going to have to dance for it. … Very nice.

Tracy: I tried on a lot of outfits.
Jenna: And some of them, I was like “No” but then some of them, I was like “YEAH!”

Elisa: I cannot lose this job. I’d have to go back to working the late shift and Dunkin’ Donuts.
Elisa: Can I help you?
“Customer”: Yes, what time do you start throwing out doughnuts?