Saturday, October 25, 2008

30 Rock | S3E1 | Oct 30, 2008

Series: 30 Rock
Season: 3
Episode: [1] Do Over
Original Air Date: 10/23/08 (Online); 10/30/08 (TV)

"Hellooooo, pussycat."

"How often do you entertain gentleman sex-guests?"

Liz: “I need everyone to be on their best behavior – no cursing. Please take down any pornography you have in your office…Nothing weird.”

Jack: "This is GE!"
Devin: "It's just G now, Jack. I sold the E – to Samsung. They're Samesung now."

Kenneth: “I think adoption is a wonderful thing. 3 of my 9 siblings were adopted. And someday, I’m gonna find them.”

Liz: "Frank! I told you to...change that hat!"

Tracy: “Bev, now you look out for my girl, Liz Lemon, cuz we go way back like spinal cords and car seats.”

Jack: "We might not be the best people–"
Liz: "–But we're not the worst."
Jack and Liz: "Graduate students are the worst."

Liz: “Don’t do this – if you do this you’ll be just as bad as Devin!”

Liz: “That better be true, Jack. Or I’ll make both of you disappear…just like I did with Vivienne and….Patch.”

[No quote here…I just love the Kim Jong Il picture in the background.]

Jack: “Did you need something else, Lemon?”
Liz: “No…I just like seeing you in there.”