Sunday, November 9, 2008

30 Rock | S3E2 | Nov 06, 2008

Series: 30 Rock
Season: 3
Episode: [2] Believe in the Stars
Original Air Date: 11/06/08 (TV); 11/07/08 (Online)

Liz: “Comanaprasil? ‘May cause dizziness, sexual nightmares, and sleep crime.’ ”

Jenna: “How can you defame someone who’s been arrested at three different Chuckee Cheese’s?”

Tracy: “White people stole jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, Will Smith, AND heart disease. Now they think they can take my hard-earned money.”

Kenneth: “Tyler Brody was not the only hero I lost today, sir.”
Kenneth: “The other hero was you, in case that was not –“
Jack: “I got it, Kenneth.”

Tracy: “You can’t fix this, Liz Lemon. It’s about race. It’s about being a woman.
It’s about money. It’s about being on TV. And no one understands all that!”

Liz: “I’ma call you back. I’m snitting next to Borpo.”

Tracy (as a white girl): “Hi, strangers. Do you think I’m sexy? Giggle giggle giggle.”

Liz: “Yeah, it’s bad, I get it. Go get some baby wipes!”

Liz: “She’s coming, Jack. Oprah – is coming! She’s going to fix everything. Oprah!”

Kenneth: “Is Spongebob Squarepants supposed to be terrifying?”
Jack: “You're darn right he is, Kenneth.”

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